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Ammonia decomposition furnace
鈪?/strong>.Working Principle
Hydrogen-generating devices with ammonia decomposition adopts the liquid ammonia as raw material. Liquid ammonia, after being preheating, enter into decomposition furnace under a certain temperature and the role of the catalyst and is decomposed into the mixture gas of 75% hydrogen and nitrogen 25%, the mixture, passing the heat exchanger and cooler, enter dryer with UOP zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent. Residual ammonia and water can be effectively removed after the mixture is purified.
1. Reliable performance, long service life;
2. Less investment and electricity consumption;
3. Low using cost.
鈪?/strong>.Technical parameters
Raw gas ammonia grade: First grade ammonia
Flow: 5-2000Nm3/h
Residual ammonia: 鈮?ppm
Oxygen content: 鈮?ppm
Dew point: 鈮?60鈩?/p>
Pressure: 0.05-0.8Mpa
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1. What's the finished gas used for?
2.What鈥檚 the flow of each hour?
3.What鈥檚 the pressure?
4.What鈥檚 the dew point?Protective Atmosphere Equipment price